A Guide to the Young Talent Award

A collaboration between MackNeXT and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, the Young Talent Award will highlight up-and-coming creators in the immersive entertainment industry.


At the fourth AUREA Award (taking place January 21-22 online and virtually), boundary-pushing XR creators will compete with one another for top prize. But the awards show doesn’t just feature established players in immersive entertainment. Young creators will also be recognized as part of the Young Talent Award, a collaboration between MackNeXT and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Here’s a quick introduction into the award’s history and importance:

What are the roots of the Young Talent Award?

The partnership between MackNext and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg first began in 2017, when Europa-Park CEO Michael Mack and Professor Thomas Schadt realized their shared vision for the future of entertainment. Mack, who is also the French Honorary Consul for Freiburg and Tübingen, was particularly keen to promote young talent from Germany and France and foster collaboration on future digital and creative projects.

How did the Young Talent Award become part of the AUREA Award?

The AUREA Award was founded with the aim of celebrating excellence in the immersive entertainment space. In addition to showcasing the latest trends and technical achievements, the awards show and conference also seeks to highlight the next generation of creators.

With this in mind, the Young Talent Award was established as part of the AUREA Award to give up-and-coming filmmakers the chance to present their ideas to industry pioneers. It recognizes three innovative film projects from students and recent alumni of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, with €3,000 being awarded to each award winning team. Additionally, one of the winning projects will be adapted as a co-production with MackNeXT.

Why is it important to highlight young talent in immersive entertainment?

The promise of the metaverse requires bold thinking, innovative ideas, and imagination – qualities that Filmakademie graduates all possess. By building a bridge between young talent and established players in the XR industry, the AUREA Award offers new possibilities for worldbuilding and storytelling.

What benefits can young creators look forward to at AUREA Award?

The most important element of the AUREA Award is the community. This supportive network includes thought-leaders in the XR industry, content producers like MackNeXT, and innovative founders eager to build their big idea. It offers the perfect arena for Filmakademie graduates to showcase their creative skills and foster life-long partnerships. The AUREA Award gives these creators a stage to pitch their projects, gain feedback from peers who have faced similar challenges, and get the backing they deserve.

The 4th edition of AUREA Award, Europe’s leading conference for immersive entertainment, is taking place January 21-22 virtually in Spatial and online. The awards show and conference brings together the most groundbreaking XR creators from across the globe to celebrate the industry’s progress, showcase new technologies, and kickstart collaboration. It features keynotes, digital panels, and networking parties designed to connect you with some of the brightest minds in the world of immersive tech. Secure your online ticket today!

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