AUREA Community Event: The First of its Kind - Underwater VR

A behind-the-scenes look at Underwater VR: what it is, its technical challenges, and to hear about the new deep-blue horizon for LBE.

Over the past year, the team at VR Coaster and Europa Park have taken VR to a new level. In their latest attraction, Snoori Snorkeling, they invite users to put on VR diving goggles and a snorkel and "dive" into a custom-designed adventure--beyond the sea--on the mythical island of Rulantica. In this special AUREA Community event, guests were invited to go behind the scenes of the only underwater VR experience in Europe in a live streaming. Gabriele Romagnoli (Strategic Comms Coach and VR expert) and Emily Olman (Official AUREA Ambassador and Community Chair) interviewed MackNext’s Project Lead for Snorri Snorkeling, Mathis Gullon.

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