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In-flight virtual entertainment

Just recently, British Airways announced that it will offer VR headsets to first class passengers on selected flights between London Heathrow and New York JFK through the end of 2019. The SkyLights headset will feature 2D, 3D and 360-degree movies, documentaries, TV shows, and guided meditations. The latter are specifically designed for those with a fear of flying. The upcoming experiences are said to work in any position, even when laying flat in horizontal position. Even first class flights are a premium privilege, the solution may shape tomorrow´s everyday experiences – punishing lies, that VR only succeeds in exciting gamers and nerds but fails in addressing a wider public. TrendWatching sees the riseof VR-fueled experiences in all kinds of contexts, ranging from new museum offers to advanced VR installations in shopping malls, to a fully immersive journey across the world of fine fragrancesby Coty. Chances are, that VR and AR are used by further companies to enable mid-blowing new, immersive, sensory experiences. Stay tuned and let´s search for innovative experiences for customers and users of all ages, turning the portfolio into an exciting story that customers will be desperate to share.

Source: TrendWatching Newsletter “Innovation of the day as of Aug 28th, 2019

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