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After headraft won the AUREA Award 2018 in the category creative, the community is eager to find out how the success story has continued.

Meet the community #5 – Headraft

A interview of AUREA Award winner Headraft

Hey Julian, congratulations again for your win in the Aurea Award ‘Creative’ category last year. What are your reflections on last year’s event?

Thank you very much. It was a unique opportunity to pitch our project to a jury on stage, during a two day event at the Europa-Park. It offered the chance to meet, and talk in depth about the state of the industry, with many interesting people from diverse backgrounds, and to make new friends.

You guys talk about combining unbridled and boundless creativity with the deepest technological thinking and knowledge. What does that mean in practice?

There are two main components that make us tick. Firstly, we keep enough time free every day to talk to each other, enabling us to develop and iterate ideas and concepts outside of other scheduling pressures. Secondly, we focus on the people that make up the team; we recruit and plan to cultivate a company culture that allows us to keep pushing the limits.

Recently you collaborated with Viva Con Agua. Can you tell us more about this project?

Viva con Agua has thousands of supporters around the globe, but often only famous musicians or artists get the chance to take the iconic black and white photo with the “water is a human right” sign.

The Viva con Agua AR Experience on Snapchat and Instagram - which allows users to hold the iconic sign virtually - finally gives all their supporters the opportunity to show their support in that a very recognizable way.

Also responsible for this campaign were our partners Überground and Snapchat. And obviously a big shout out to Michael Fritz and Micha Gab from VcA for bringing this idea to life.

The industry is under constant transformation. How do you keep your finger on the pulse of change?

If you stand on the side of a racetrack, cars go by incredibly fast. But seeing the race through the driver's eyes, the car in front doesn’t seem so quick anymore. Looking at things from this different perspective, it comes down to strategy and the use of time you can control; like the pitstop.

Always staying up to date with developments and regularly trying out new things will help in every regard. Basically we can’t wait for all the technology that is still around the corner or about to be introduced.

Is there anything else you want to share with the Aurea community?

I hope the Aurea community continues to grow and create more of these fascinating connections between people, and that everyone has a say in how our immersive future is going to be shaped.

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