After Kynoa won the AUREA Award 2018 in the category innovation, the community is eager to find out how the success story has continued.

Meet the community #4 – KYNOA

A portrait of AUREA Award winner Kynoa

As the AR & VR industry carves its path forward, AUREA wants to help identify, acknowledge and support the groundbreakers. The conference will feature multiple opportunities to make yourself heard and seen, to connect to the most relevant pioneers of the ecosystem and to become a part of the vibrant AUREA community. A great step in community-building was taken together with AUREA Award winner 2018, Kynoa, who impressed the jury in 2018 with the “Koliseum Soccer VR” – the re-invention of the Table Soccer or German 'Tischkicker' in a no-physical-boundaries virtual reality. Let´s have a look at their story.

From Switzerland to Cyber Space

Swiss-based Kynoa was born from the desire to create virtual reality (VR) entertainment that is accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Today, the holistic VR entertainment creator develops, realizes and promotes original and convincing VR experiences, that both blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual world, but also fosters real world interactive connections between participants. Aiming to provide highly interactive, sociable and cooperative VR, the company attracts a growing regular customer base and enables a broader public adoption of VR.By doing so, team spirit is king. No longer a start-up but a successful player, the company still relies on a committed team of professionals, who cover a wide array of talents and skills, from writers, illustrators, 3D graphic artists, sound designers, developers, e-sport & community management specialists, to seasoned executives. Like in any AR/VR-related team, daily routine varies according to the current phase, for example when launching the product, a game or an important software version, the development team is hot, at events or exhibitions, the marketing team is on fire. Business is kept on top priority. In order to define appropriate solutions, strategy planning and strategic marketing are oriented to upcoming technologies and varying market dynamics.

Inspired by AUREA

As one of the first AUREA winners, Kynoa has had the chance to profit from the AUREA community at a very early stage. Taking part in the competition has generated significanteffects for the company. Due to the lively interaction of all the participants on site, the teammade connections and remained in contact with colleagues from all over the world – even beyond last year´s event.Since networking, the exchange of experience and know-how transfer are massive potentials in the still young industry, the company gained strong impulses.Moreover, awareness in Kynoa´s work has remarkably increased by AUREA´s reputation andthe host´s efforts in PR, communications and promotion of the AR/VR sector. All in all, the participation was definitely worth it, says Frank Kessaratos, Chief Marketing Officer at Kynoa:“Our win at AUREA last year was a solid recognition of the innovation and originality of the Koliseum series. This also has been acknowledged by the broader market place. It was a valuable award which made an effect.“ With its market-oriented approach, Kynoa perfectly fits AUREA´s intention to open doors for new and broader VR/AR use cases: “Our aim is to provide, highly interactive, sociable and cooperative VR to attract a growing regular customer base and to enable broader public adoption of VR, by combining the easy and familiar with the new and exciting.” With the award-winning system Koliseum Soccer VR, Kynoa took a great step forward into the right direction. You´re curious to know how Kynoa has impressed the AUREA jury? Let´s have a look …

Kick it like ... KYNOA

Two football teams. One playing field. Young people shaking violently at metal bars to get the ball into the opponent's goal. The typical table football scenario, as everyone knows it. But here it is different: a player leaves the bar and dribbles freely over the center line, outwits the opponent - and scores. The Koliseum Soccer VR by swiss-based start-up Kynoa lets players forget what slowed down the fun with the table kicker so far.

The innovative application uses the possibilities of the VR to breathe new life into the familiar game. More degrees of freedom plus fascinating special effects: that's how the Swiss get more fun out of the classic leisure activity. Together with Oculus Rift headsets a total of five PCs are needed for operation. Four calculate the visual content for the players at the table, a fifth acts as a server. Four buttons are added to the classic kicker bars, thus giving the chance to trigger special effects such as free dribbling. The virtual field itself corresponds to the known football table look, the environment can be changed by various settings. Have a match in a futuristic stadium, on a pirate ship or in a big city? No problem, everyone can virtually kick where he or she likes. Even with complex technology behind it, the virtual kicker is tough and can withstand even the most dedicated players' actions.

Nothing has changed in terms of necessary playing skills. Again, a match win depends on speed of reaction and the mastery of football tricks. Dribble, hit, defend well: that's what matters - even if it's virtual. Original effects give Koliseum Soccer VR an extra kick and that´s to be taken literally: If the virtual ball touches a special symbol, three balls appear, demanding much more reaction from the players. Fortunately, the fireball that "scalps" the lawn is only a virtual one: football fans in a real stadium will be grateful that there´s no analogue counterpart.

´Learning` Soccer VR is an easy task, explains Frank Kessaratos: "Everyone knows how it's played, whether five years old or 85. People immediately start playing." In addition to online tournaments, the game could also be become a highlight at e-sports championships. The positive market response has confirmed the concept: More games are to follow, including an ice hockey scenario with similar control. As in the case of Soccer VR, team spirit and sociability during the game will be the focus – an approach proving the opposite to all critics who accuse VR of leading to isolation. The VR-typical feeling of being shut off from everything does not occur – an advantage that – among others – has deeply impressed the AUREA jury.

To be continued …

Was the AUREA Award helpful for Kynoa´s future plans? No doubt, says Frank Kessaratos: “I would like to express my sincere appreciation towards the Europa-Park management and team who always answer any question or consider any idea that we may have proposed. Their open and considerate reception is very respected and gives us confidence that the VR industry will fulfill its immense potential as the truly exciting trend setting innovation which will change the way we all consumer and deploy media, in a multitude of segments.” Having gained some extra motivation, Kynoa´s success story will go on: “We are developing new games for the same platform which allow more variety of the Koliseum experience. In addition, we are also creating new versions of the Koliseum tapered to an arcade environment.”Kynoa´s announcements emphasize the company´s striving for a broader VR reception – giving an impressive example for the win-win potentials enabled and raised by the AUREA Award.

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