Meet the Finalists for the 4th AUREA Award

Who will take home top prize at this year's event?


We're less than a month away from the 4th AUREA Award, taking place January 21-22! Having received over 50 nominations from the AUREA community, it was exceptionally difficult to narrow down our shortlist of finalists to compete in the five categories: Creative, Experience, Impact, Innovation, and Interaction. There were some truly stellar projects submitted, but these 9 finalists are the cream of the crop. Let's meet them!

Tilt Five - Holographic Gaming System

Tilt Five's AR Holographic Gaming System is designed to deliver spectacular, up-close gaming experiences. Whether playing with a group of friends around the dining room table or connecting with players around the world, they seek to bring tabletop games to life in ways that have never before been possible.

Backlight - Le Bal de Paris

For over a decade, French studio Backlight has been pushing the boundaries of film and virtual experiences. Their collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Blanca Li, Le Bal de Paris, is a multi-user live show in VR in which participants interact with dancers at a lavish ball. It's already been a hit, taking home the Best VR Experience award at the Venice Biennale!

OVR Technology - OVR Scent Device

Motivated by the urgent need for new approaches to cognitive therapy, OVR Technology is utilizing cutting-edge VR technology to deliver powerful real-world benefits. Their OVR Scent Device compliments VR headsets and virtual worlds by precisely emitting scents to offer a realistic sensory experience to users.

Ghost - Ghost Haptic

Ghost aims to help product developers integrate new channels of machine-human interaction into their products, whether that means enabling amputees feel their prosthesis, creating new senses, or enhancing learning processes. Their easy-to-use Haptic development software offers a whole suite of tools for designing complex patterns and prototyping haptic user experiences, without previous knowledge.

JOURNEE - Joytopia, the BMW Metaverse

Connecting people within virtual space is at the heart of everything JOURNEE does. With Joytopia, the BMW Metaverse, they tell the story of a sustainable, circular future as part of an immersive experience in a gamified and interactive digital environment.

Centre PHI/Felix & Paul - THE INFINITE

EMMY Award-winning studio Felix & Paul creates unparalleled, highly engaging, and inspired experiences for audiences worldwide. THE INFINITE, a collaboration with PHI Studio and TIME Studios, offers participants the chance to experience life beyond Earth, allowing them to roam inside the ISS and immerse themselves in real 3D, 360-degree footage of astronauts in their day-to-day environment.

VRrOOm - Experience

Specializing in XR production services, VRrOOm brings performing arts into creative virtual worlds with XR festivals, live performances, and exhibitions. The VRrOOm Experience has opened the doors to imagination at events including SXSW, goEast Film Festival, and "Welcome to the Other Side," a special concert featuring Jean-Michel Jarre live from virtual Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Aesir Interactive - VR Bodyflying Xperience

Renowned development studio Aesir Interactive builds a wide variety of games and XR experiences. Their project, the VR Bodyflying Xperience, combines state-of-the-art 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) technology with the thrill of an indoor skydiving experience to create something otherworldly.


Founded by Anne-Sophie Panzer and Stefan Marx, ZAUBAR aims to make travel possible by using the latest AI technology to transform old memories into virtual experiences. Their all-in-one platform enables passionate locals to create, host, and monetize immersive tours with augmented reality.

These incredible XR creators will pitch to our star-studded jury at this year's hybrid event, taking place January 21-22 on-site at Europa-Park, virtually in Spatial, and online. In addition to learning about the next generation of groundbreaking XR technologies, you'll be able to enjoy keynotes, digital panels, and networking parties that will connect you with some of the brightest minds in the space. Book your ticket today and experience the leading European conference in immersive entertainment!

We'd like to thank everyone in the community who nominated projects this year, and also give recognition to those who made the longlist:

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