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Bringing together technology & entertainment leaders to honor excellence in AR & VR

Annual Award & Conference / JANUARY 2021


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General Information

The AUREA conference & awards give creativity and innovation a stage in front of a worldwide audience of VR and AR enthusiasts - in the setting of one of the world's leading theme parks and a pioneer in immersive tech and Location Based Entertainment (LBE) itself.

Besides showcasing the most exciting products and experiences, the conference also includes workshops and talks while leaving room for networking and enjoyment.

The AUREA 2019 Jury

This years awards will again be selected by an international jury of technology pioneers and industry experts who are helping to lead the growing AR and VR sectors. Find our jury members here.

Moderators 2019

The AUREA 2018 Jury

The inaugural AUREA Awards in November 2018 already saw 80+ entrants from all over the world and across the entire VR&AR ecosystem. An international jury of technology pioneers and industry experts who are helping to lead the burgeoning immersive sectors selected ten finalists to pitch the jury live in front of the entire audience.

Winner Experience


German startup holoride creates a new media category for passengers in cars. Its software reads vehicle data (IoT) and uses it in an intelligent way (AI) to create virtual worlds (VR) in real-time. The physical feedback from the car creates hyper-immersive experiences with the power to change in-car entertainment forever.

Winner Interaction

"Hologate Blitz" - Hologate

HOLOGATE BLITZ is a premium motion simulator platform, fully optimized for flying, racing, and even underwater VR experiences. ‘BLITZ’ will offer a motion sickness-free experience due to its extremely low latency and proprietary network and code design. It features a practically noiseless belt driven piston system, which can lift almost a full meter in height and can tilt ±30° in every direction. Additionally, it comes with a futuristically-styled steering wheel that can be switched from one- axis to two-axis control, offering players a wider range of game possibilities.

Whether it’s piloting a space ship in an epic space battle or speeding through another dimension in a futuristic racer, the ‘BLITZ’ is built to support the ideas that come from limitless expanse of the VR creator’s mind!

Winner Impact

"The 1944 Paris Insurrection" - realcast

Experience history in a real historical location with Microsoft HoloLens headset. Walk in colonel's Rol Command Post back in 1944, 100 ft below the surface of Paris during World War 2 as a journalist. Learn important facts about how the French Interior Force (FFI) helped the allies free Paris of the nazis. Meet members of the resistance and discover how they lived.

Up to 10 visitors visit the CP with HoloLens on their head for 25 minutes. The location is 5300 sq.ft. size and a virtual soldier walks them through the different rooms and present them 5 differents characters during the visit.

"Insurrection 1944" (#insurrection1944) just won the "Grand Prix AR 2019" Award of 360° Film Festival in Paris.

Winner Innovation


Walk-in movies and interactive stories are now expanding our reality and bringing completely new forms of storytelling. The viewer is free to move around actors as they dynamically integrate into foreign environments. This requires new methods for the digitization of actors, which now exist for the first time by using our volumetric recording technologies.

Volucap is a world leading volumetric video and 3D capture studio creating realistic human performance for immersive media.

The new studio is available for professional commissioned productions and with its application possibilities in the areas of virtual and augmented reality is extremely interesting not only for digital media, but also for medical technology and industrial applications such as industry 4.0 or construction 4.0, as well as e-learning.


"Bookful" - Inception XR

Bookful is a mobile app for kids that uses augmented reality to bring books to life. Choose from an extensive library of AR books featuring the best publishers and brands, including Penguin Random House, Charlesbridge and Hasbro. The books range from classics such as Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit to popular characters including My Little Pony and Transformers.

Launched in November 2018 by Inception XR, Bookful is an incredibly powerful reading tool that helps children understand content in a visual and fun manner. To date, nearly 100,000 people have tried Bookful. Kids read on average 7 books a month – this amounts to valuable reading time amidst the numerous digital distractions today. The app encourages users to cultivate a strong reading habit over time.


"Huxley 2 - The Adventure begins" - EXIT VR®

Unique graphics and the lovely storytelling of HUXLEY 2 electrifies the players from the first second. Not many VR Escape Games offer a 44 minutes game time experience full of content and magic moments. Also, HUXLEY 2 places great value on realistic and atmospheric sound environment. Besides that, the puzzles are funny, intelligent and creative, but not too difficult, so everyone can enjoy the game. It is a multiplayer game, so you share your VR experience with friends and family and work together as a team. You interact with every group member who gets their avatar. To make the game as realistic as possible it was designed without teleportation and is wirelessly playable. The players should feel free to discover the virtual environment in fully realistic movements and interactive actions.


"ManoMotion" - ManoMotion AB

ManoMotion is in the forefront of hand gesture control, making your actual hand an interaction tool to control technology. Our vision is that every person on the Earth will be using their hands to control technology.

It has a broad application space in combination with smartphones, AR/VR glasses, game consoles and a vast amount of industrial systems.

We have a proven market attraction with early paying customers, large interest from leading tech companies and a waiting list of developers.

The solution is a scalable software toolkit enabling quick customer take-up, smooth distribution and feature based pricing.

We have a world-class team with experienced senior management and leading researchers in Computer Vision and AI and a proprietary solution with strong patent.


"Mona Lisa Beyond The Glass VR" - Emissive

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass is the first virtual reality (VR) experience presented by Musée du Louvre. On view from October 24, 2019 to February 24, 2020 in the Napoléon Hall, this VR experience is an integral component of the museum’s landmark Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, which commemorates the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death in France.


Space Walk VR

Space Walk VR is young german VR startup from Hamburg, founded 2019, that wants to remove physical boundaries of virtual worlds. They develop redirected walking technology which creates the illusion to explore infinitely large worlds by natural walking in a confined tracking space. This is achieved by introducing a gap between physical and virtual movements that is not noticed by the user when it is kept below perceptual detection thresholds. The technology is based on more than 4 years of research at the University of Hamburg, that was conducted by one of our co-founders in the course of his PhD studies. In contrast to other redirected walking approaches (e.g. by Institute of Creative Technologies or University of Tokyo), they developed solutions which work in room-scale VR (up to 4x4 m) without disturbing the flow of the experience. For this, redirection techniques are integrated with narration and gameplay directly into the virtual environment.


"Arcadrone" - Drone Interactive

ARCADRONE is the first attraction of Drone Interactive: It allows up to 4 players to fly drones in a 50 m² arena in intense games of a few minutes. Thanks to a proprietary real-virtual interaction engine, the drones interact with each other and with the virtual elements of the video game in mixed reality. For the same attraction, different games with different gameplays can be proposed to renew the experiences and adapt to the customer universe.

ARCADRONE was designed to maximize the thrill of the experience from player’s and spectator’s point of view. Each game becomes an intense show made of drones, lights, sounds and player skills: Everything is ready for esport competition!

To summarize, ARCADRONE is the world-first drone-based attraction, that allows innovative AR multiplayer experience.

Winner Experience

“Meet the Miner” - Aesir interactive

Meet the Miner – WDR VR Bergwerk is an interactive VR experience for Oculus Rift where users can experience how dangerous the life of a miner was 100 years ago. Feel how it was to race down hundreds of meters into the earth in a shaky elevator. Use two hands to mine coal out of the coal bed with a virtual pickaxe and shovel it into the coal cart. Are you brave enough to face the danger that lies deep beneath the surface like they did? See for yourself and meet the miner!

Winner Innovation

"Coliseum Soccer VR" - Kynoa

Kynoa was born out of the desire to favor the VR of entertainment, and to make it accessible to the greatest number. We chose one of the most iconic arcade games, the Table Soccer or German 'Tischkicker' and recreated it in a no-physical-boundaries virtual reality. The game is particularly unique as far as mixed reality content goes and is perfectly suited for showcasing how elevated social games become with an upgrade to 3D.

Winner Interaction

"Eclipse" - BackLight

Eclipse is an immersive hyper-reality experience, a glimpse of tomorrow's cinema. As part of a rescue team, you're sent in space to investigate the disappearance of a spaceship called Eclipse. Contrary to most VR experiences dedicated to entertainment, Eclipse is not based on shooting. It's a 4 players Sci-Fi interactive short movie that lasts around 40 minutes, enhanced by physical effects, full body awareness and total freedom of movements.

Winner Creative

"Tunnel AR" - headraft

The AR App Tunnel AR by Hamburg-based headraft takes the user on a literally groundbreaking journey through one of latest singles the most successful German Hip-Hop Band 'Die Fantastischen Vier': Tunnel. We take music experience to the next level by producing an AR app that offers fans the possibility to go on an augmented and interactive journey with the band instead of being a passive spectator, literally digging a tunnel through different layers of an imaginary story world.

Winner Impact

"augmen.tv" - eyecandylab

eyecandylab's augmen.tv-platform is the AR Lens for any video. By using our technology, any video content can be overlaid with an augmented reality layer to create more immersive and interactive experiences. This could be applied also in cinemas, planetariums and other venues such as theme parks. Visitors can engage with the content and immerse themselves in a new way while our technology works on any device (smartphone, tablet or wearables, such as AR Headsets).



DNABlock is creating a simple and easy way to manage and license your digital-likeness in the new virtual world. DNABlock is shaping the industry by creating a uniform avatar format supported by an open source blockchain protocol that establishes new ethical standards and licensing protocols that protect the usage of digital avatars. Additionally, DNABlock is creating a mobile scanning solution that would allow for deployment of these avatars at scale.


"AN Entire Lifetime" - UFA Volumetric Film

A’s Volumetric Film - 'An Entire Lifetime' is a VR experience that combines human holograms and a virtual environment with a full-fledged storyline. The VR experience EIN GANZES LEBEN ('An Entire Lifetime') follows an actress named Maria as she goes on a journey through the history of German film – from a silent film scene right up to the present day. It is the first 'walkable movie' that premiered in Germany.


"PalaisPopulaire" - ...and dos Santos

For the September 2018 opening of the Deutsche Bank’s new Kulturforum in Berlin, the PalaisPopulaire, … and dos Santos created an augmented reality experience for iOS and Android that takes visitors on a journey through time. With the PalaisPopulaire TimeMachine mobile app, users can view 3D models of the palace and — with accompanying info-texts and images on interactive 3D billboards — discover the palace’s rich history throughout the years.


"Group-Reactive VR Cinema" - Animationsinstitut

With the Group-Reactive VR Cinema the Animationsinstitut presents a state-of-the-art extension to multi-user synchronized VR by combining linear films with game-like interaction. A synchronized VR cinema allows the presentation of linear VR content for a large audience in one room at the same time. The users share their experience with their seatmates while profiting from a time-synced centralized high quality sound playback.


"BIRDLY" - Allianz

The innate desire for exploration inevitably brings risks. Today, we are again on a journey to explore how disruptive technologies and innovation will change the future of living, an attitude that is communicated through the Global Allianz Explorer Program (e.g. via crowd-generated content platforms). A breathtaking full body virtual reality experience using Birdly® technology, developed together with the agency Willie Beamen, makes it possible to engage visitors at a physical event while still telling the Explorer Story.

Impressions from 2019

The second AUREA Award was outstanding, extraordinary, and fabulous. Following its successful premiere last year, and building on its steadily growing community, the event has become a global meeting place for the Augmented & Virtual Reality sector.

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