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Winners 2021

The AUREA conference & awards give creativity and innovation a stage in front of a worldwide audience of VR and AR enthusiasts - in the setting of one of the world's leading theme parks and a pioneer in immersive tech and Location Based Entertainment (LBE) itself.

Besides showcasing the most exciting products and experiences, the conference also includes workshops and talks while leaving room for networking and enjoyment.

What makes this award one of a kind

2 Days packed with breakthrough innovation | AUREA AWARDS

2 Days packed with breakthrough innovation

200 curated leaders in the XR and entertainment space | AUREA AWARDS

200 curated leaders in the XR and entertainment space

11 hours of live broadcasted content from the Europa-Park | AUREA AWARDS

11 hours of live broadcasted content from the Europa-Park

The AUREA 2021 Speakers


„Feelbelt 2.0“ - Feelbelt

Feelbelt GmbH is a media tech start-up from Potsdam Babelsberg and was founded in 2019. Feelbelt makes sound perceptible: all frequencies in the range from 1 to 20,000 Hz are converted into haptic feedback and transmitted to the body through pulse generators. In this way, a new dimension of perception is integrated into the entertainment experience: the sense of touch. Production takes place at local partners in Berlin and Brandenburg. For every Feelbelt sold, the company plants an oak tree.

AUREA 2021 Winner IMPACT

„Rebuilt from Memories“ - Arthelps

ARTHELPS is an initiative of creative people and artists that helps in a very special way, namely with art. For ARTHELPS creativity is the most important tool, the engine and the universal language. As a non-profit art initiative, ARTHELPS can not only reach people themselves, but also build bridges between different social classes.

Nine years of war in Syria has destroyed places of culture, economy and faith and left a whole society devastated. Considered lost, they are still alive in people’s memories. The idea: a virtual 360 ° restoration of people’s pre-war memories using Instagram photos.

There are rebuilt three damaged environments in Aleppo as VR views, created as a collective memory via photogrammetry and machine learning. It involved mining thousands of Instagram posts via geotag variations in English, Arabic, and French. A pipeline rescaled and re-sorted the dataset via deep learning and used it for photogrammetry.


„Dr. Crumb‘s School for Disobedient Pets“ - Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab is building the platform for the future of live entertainment. We connect audiences with live hosted, interactive adventures that can be experienced from tablet, desktop, or VR. We are creating a new gig economy marketplace for performers - enabling them to market and operate magical adventures from anywhere in the world. Our development partners will create the experiences our hosts bring to life. Our digital platform is both the box office and the cloud based venue; a global 24/7 digital entertainment hub.

Adventure Lab was founded by creative innovation leaders, magic makers, and veterans of Pixar, Google, Facebook, and Oculus Story Studio.


„Burning Man 2020 in VR“ - Big Rock Creative

BRCvr, a recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse and home to a virtual version of Black Rock City, is inclusive of its iconic art, camps, and most importantly, its citizens. BRCvr magically captures the same spirit, culture and principles of the real-world event in an interactive VR-first expression that cultivates conversation, connection and community, with over 150 worlds visited by over 12,000 uniques in VR.

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