What is the AUREA Award?

The award is a global competition to identify and celebrate excellence in Augmented and Virtual Reality in the entertainment sector, across a range of applications, products and experiences. Its goal is to award state-of-the art work in this booming sector where technology and creativity meet. AUREA seeks to present products and services that not only deliver great experiences, but also demonstrate the great potential of this sector for the future of technology and entertainment.

Are there award categories?

For entrants, no. For the jury, yes. We want to encourage a wide range of potential entries from all corners of the entertainment sector, we are not asking entrants to declare typical categories such as “application” or “hardware”. We want our all-star jury to have the freedom to decide what the most exciting or groundbreaking products or experiences are, across all potential categories.

The jury will be free to determine winners, and they will be looking to award them in five general categories: Creative, Experience, Impact, Innovation, Interaction.

How will the awards be judged?

Each entry will first be considered based on your online submission of a) answers to the online Entry Form, which includes a short description of the entry and, where applicable, a relevant link or website URL, as well as uploaded items. These can include documents that describe the entry (for example, PDFs, Presentations, etc.); videos or links to videos showcasing or explaining it.

What do you mean by “entertainment”?

We see a vast range of new products and experiences in entertainment. On the content side, that means new forms of film or storytelling projects - from live action to animation - as well as music experiences, live events, games, or mixed reality experiences. This also includes applications, whether they are experienced via headsets, smart phones or other hardware or on-site installations.

And speaking of hardware, there is a boom in great new headsets, wearables and other hardware offering exciting experiences. Finally, this wouldn’t be possible also without a diverse array of enabling technologies, be they platforms, software, middleware, or other solutions working in the background. If you think your entry touches the entertainment sector, even only partially, and moves it forward, we encourage you to enter.

Who is behind the AUREA Award?

The award is an initiative of Mack Media, who are pioneers in bringing together innovative technology with entertainment. Their Virtual Reality roller coaster experience, Coastiality, is already a market-leader in turning theme park rides into thrilling VR experiences or even interactive games. Seeing the great wave of innovation that AR and VR are bringing to entertainment and even live experiences, they have created the AUREA Awards to provide a benchmark for excellence as well as a forum for leaders of the field to gather, exchange ideas and strengthen ties across the many elements of the industry.

How will the awards be conducted?

Once the entry deadline (Nov. 1st, 2019) has been reached, we’ll select and notify a pool of finalists, who will be invited to pitch our all-star jury live at a VIP gathering on January 15-16, 2020 in Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. The awards gathering will feature an intimate, invitation-only conference on Virtual & Augmented Reality, and finalists will be able to take part in this high-level event with jury members and other participants.

As part of the proceedings, the jury will select winners immediately after the live pitching sessions, and the awards will be announced at a ceremony that day. Finalists will also be invited to spend the remainder of the weekend enjoying Europa-Park with other attendees or even their families. We invite you to enter this one-of-a-kind competition and be a part of this exclusive conversation about the future of this exciting industry!

What is eligible for entry?

We invite entrants (for-profit or non-profit companies, foundations, or individuals) from the entire AR and VR ecosystem, be it experience or storytelling producers, game developers, application or service providers, hardware makers, software or platform providers, or other players active in the market.

All we ask is that your product or service be operational, either as a company or a working product that our jury can see, hear, touch or experience, and that consumers, users or audiences can or have already experienced it by Nov. 1st, 2019, our entry deadline.

We will place judging priority on entries that have more recently entered the market and only one entry per company is allowed.

What is not eligible for entry?

In the first years of the awards, we don’t wish to be too constricting. However, some types of entries with little chance of making the cut would include: pitch decks of startups or apps that don’t have a product on the market; demo reels of story ideas for experiences that aren’t yet available; prototypes of hardware devices that aren’t available. In general, if it’s more of an idea than a real thing, we encourage you to keep developing it and possibly enter next year. Also, if your potential entry shows us no plausible connection whatsoever to the entertainment sector of VR and AR, no matter how convincing it is, then it won’t be considered eligible.

When are entries accepted and due?

  • Entries Accepted: Starting August 1st, 2019
  • Entry Deadline: November 1st, 2019
  • Finalists Announced & Jury Pitch invitations sent: December 1st, 2019
  • AUREA Awards: January 15-16, 2020 (Pitching, Judging and Winners crowned)

How do I enter?

Fill out our Application Form directly on the AUREA Awards website. You will be asked for:

  • Company and Entry Names
  • Contact Information
  • A Website or other links to the company, entry or project
  • A short, written description – maximum 300 words – of your entry. We suggest you formulate this carefully beforehand and be ready to copy/paste it into the form.
  • Up to three uploads that explain and support the entry. These can be documents such as info sheets, flyers, or presentations, links to videos, links to app downloads, or short films themselves (please no longer than 3 minutes).
  • Your agreement to abide by the Terms and Conditions described in this document.

Once you have submitted your entry, you will receive an automatic confirmation of its receipt. Our team will review the entry and confirm that it is eligible and enter it into the first round of judging to determine the finalists. As part of this process, we reserve the right to contact you via the email address you provide us for clarification or explanation of your entry, or to provide more details if we determine that more information is needed to understand or verify your entry.

Once we have confirmed that your entry is eligible, we will notify you that it will be considered for the finalist round starting after the deadline of October 14, 2018. After you have submitted an entry, you may withdraw from the award by contacting us via email. You may also resubmit your entry, for instance if there is a significant update or new material that can support it, but this will then cancel and supersede your previous entry.

There is no entry fee. The submission of an entry implies full and unconditional acceptance of all rules.

What should I say in the description?

Here are no required elements, but your description could include some of the following: a description of the product or experience from the user’s point of view, some background on its creation and launch date, any key metrics or info regarding potential market success, information on the company that is submitting it, and any other info that helps us understand why this entry was created or what it hopes to achieve.

What if my entry is a product or experience that can’t be uploaded or shared easily?

Don’t worry. We understand that many potential entries are best – or possibly only – experienced fully with particular hardware, software, players, proprietary technology or even spatial environments. If you have such an entry, simply do the best you can with traditional means like the description, photos, short videos, presentations, etc. Please bear in mind that if you are invited to pitch your entry to the jury as a finalist, we would expect that you could then give our jury the “full effect” of your entry. If you are capable of demonstrating it live in an expo or trade show setting, we expect that you can then bring it to Europa-Park for your live pitch. We will do our best in order to provide the necessary logistical assistance.

Finalists’ Live Pitch to the All-Star Jury

The awards may nominate up to four finalists for each category, to be invited to pitch the All-Star jury. By December 1st, 2018, we will announce a select pool of finalists on the website and in other publications relating to the Awards and invite those who have been selected to go on to the live pitch round. Invitations will be sent to the email address you use to register. The nominated finalists will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the nomination and consent to the award. They will be invited to come to the AUREA Awards at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, in the Southwestern part of the country near the Swiss and French borders, on January 15-16, 2020.

Finalists will be expected to cover the cost of their own travel and transport to Rust, but they will be given complimentary accommodation for 2 nights in one of the distinct hotels on site at Europa-Park. This is limited to two representatives per company/entry. There is no claim to a certain room category. The finalists will be invited to all events related to the AUREA Awards, including tours of the park, dinners and receptions, a conference featuring some of the biggest names in the VR and AR industry, as well as other activities.

The live pitches will take place in a semi-public setting featuring the jury members as well as the select group of industry guests invited to attend the AUREA Awards conference. Each entry will be given 10 minutes total, with 5 minutes to make a presentation or demo, and then 5 minutes for Q&A from the jury members.

How may I present my entry to the jury?

If possible, we invite you to be ready to give the jury the full experience of your entry. So your presentation can range from simply speaking to presenting a PPT presentation, 2D videos or other “traditional” means, or letting the jury experience the entry firsthand, for instance with a headset(s), other hardware you bring, or whatever creative way you want to use to delight and impress the jury. If your entry does not fit into the 5 minute slot, for instance because it’s a longer film or experience, we may potentially allow it to be made available to the jury earlier so that they may experience it in full before the final deliberations are made.

What if I can’t attend the live pitch?

Making the live pitch is a required part of winning an AUREA Award. If you cannot attend the live jury pitch, we would unfortunately have to rescind your invitation as a finalist. Therefore, by entering online, you agree to attend the AUREA Awards live pitch on January 15 and 16, 2020 should your entry be chosen as a finalist.

Why is this important to us?

Firstly, we want the jury to have every opportunity to judge the finalists on a “level playing field”, meaning a live pitch/demo and Q&A process. Secondly, you would not only be attending a live pitch, but also an exclusive conference where every voice and player is important to us. And finally, the two days’ awards and conference promise to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet, network and even socialize with some of the brightest lights in the VR and AR industry, and every slot at this exclusive gathering matters to us. So if you can’t make it, we’d like to be able to invite someone else who can.

What will be the judging criteria?

We are giving our inaugural jury maximum freedom to declare their values and decide for themselves what they consider to be excellence. However, some aspects that we think will come into their deliberations include:

  • innovation - is this entry something new or innovative?
  • impact - did this entry have an impact on the users, audiences or industry as a whole? If it’s supposed to be entertainment, does it entertain?
  • creative - is there creative excellence on display in any way, be it storytelling, use of technology, or other elements?
  • experience - how well were the ideas executed? Is it a great experience?
  • interactive - is it intuitive, easy to use or done at a high professional level? Does it utilize the potential for interaction?

And finally, some overall questions:

  • does this entry help show us the way forward for AR / VR and entertainment?
  • would we want to see it / play it / ride it / experience it again?

Who is the jury?

The jury will be suitably qualified and will have, collectively, ample experience in business, entertainment, intellectual property, virtual, augmented or mixed reality fields. The jury will be selected by the organizers from candidates meeting the above criteria.

The responsibilities of the jury will be as follows:

  • to judge the entries and make a decision on the finalists and on the winner of each category;
  • to act collectively (the winner must obtain a majority of the votes).

When will winners be announced?

The same day as the live pitches. We’ll hold an awards ceremony at the conclusion of our 2-day event and subsequently publicize the winners. The winners will be kept secret until the awards are announced.

By entering, you grant us permission to use your name and image in publications, photos, videos or other media that publicize the award and its finalists or winners.

What would we win?

There is no cash prize for the AUREA Awards, however each winner will receive a physical AUREA Award and a certificate. Additionally, all finalists are given an invitation to attend the awards & conference and remain onsite in Europa-Park for the weekend that follows. Finalists will be given up to 2 nights’ accommodation (for two persons per entry) in a Europa-Park hotel as part of the event. Finalists will be responsible for covering their own travel costs to and from the awards & conference.

No cash disbursement and/or replacement of the prizes is possible. Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Are there any other details I should think of?

The decision of the jury is final.

The AUREA Awards reserve the right to disqualify entrants or finalists at any time; this applies especially to circumstances such as making false or grossly misleading statements or claims in an initial entry or live pitch.

All entrants guarantee that they own the rights to or have legally licensed all elements of their entries, including intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, music rights, image rights, or any other related usage rights. The AUREA Awards may not be held liable for any potential copyright or other infringements related to the online submission, publication or promotion of entries, finalists or winners.

Finalists will attend the AUREA Awards at their own risk; for those who do not live in Germany we recommend travelers’ insurance.

The AUREA Awards and Europa-Park may not be held liable for any damages (real or imagined) arising from an entry either winning or not winning an award or making the final round.

Any materials, submissions or even potential equipment or hardware used in the process of competing for the award are not the responsibility of the AUREA Awards if lost. We have no obligation to return or ship objects back to entrants.

Cooperation and Privacy

All entries and submitted information will remain private and be used only to determine finalists and the winners. This information will be shared confidentially only among the AUREA Award organizers and jury members. The AUREA Awards will publicize the names, companies, websites and, where applicable, photos or videos of finalists or winners. No information in the entries will be released to the public without the consent of the entrants, and all submitted materials - besides winners - will ultimately be removed/erased after the conclusion of the awards.

In the event of being selected as finalists, participants agree to cooperate with the organizer by providing access to the press and other media for interviews or for photographing or filming.

The organizer reserves the right to publish finalists' and winners' information as settled above on its website and in promotional material (publications, exhibition media, etc.) without remuneration for the participant.

Neither reproduction nor making available rights will be payable on any document submitted for the Awards, either during the selection procedure or in relation thereto.

The organizer also reserves the right to record and publish videos and pictures from the award ceremony without remuneration for the participant.

Change to, or cancellation of the AUREA Awards

In the event of force majeure or if circumstances so dictate, the organizer reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cancel the Awards at any time and without prior notice; in this event, participants will not be entitled to claim compensation.

Data Protection

Any personal data provided by participants will be stored by the organizer

and processed solely for the purposes of managing participation in the competition in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data. The privacy statement explaining the processing of contestants' personal data is publicly available on the official contest website.

If you object to your data being stored, please inform us by email (info@aurea-award.com) and it will be deleted from our files. All the collected information is essential in order to duly carry out the process of selection and assessments of the candidacies; therefore, please note that, in case that you object to your data being stored, your application will be automatically excluded due to insufficient information.

Waiver of Responsibility

Participation in the AUREA Awards or submission of a proposal implies that you have read and accepted the ‘Declaration' and ‘Additional declarations' in the registration form.

I still have questions...

We want to keep it simple, but there are always questions that arise.

Send us an email at info@aurea-award.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.