Annual Award & Conference / January, 2021

Honoring Excellence in VR & AR Entertainment

Congratulations to all the winners of the AUREA 2019 Award!

Key Dates

  • Finalists Announced


  • AUREA Award & Professional Conference

    22. - 24.01.2021

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Short Overview

An international gathering for VR & AR pioneers

The booming Augmented and Virtual Reality sector is revolutionizing entertainment as we know it. New innovations are changing how users interact with stories, their environments and even each other.

Bringing together the best

Established in 2018, the AUREA Award brings together global technology and entertainment leaders to honor the best products and experiences in this next wave of mass media.

Celebrating the growing VR & AR ecosystem

By showcasing and awarding state of the art experiences, AUREA shows where the industry is headed and helps its community to flourish.

Making valuable connections

AUREA invites all stakeholders from the broader Entertainment sector, be it startups, investors, creatives or corporates, to get involved.

Entries are closed for 2019

We await your application for AUREA 2020!

The winners 2019

Every finalist had the chance to pitch their entry live to our All-Star Jury on January 16th. These are the winners of the AUREA Award 2019.


The Jury

The AUREAs are selected by an international jury of technology pioneers and industry experts who are helping to lead the growing AR and VR sectors. The final jury members will be announced soon.

Last Year’s Recap

The second AUREA Award in January 2020 brought together ten finalists from a pool of 125+ entrants, joined by a community of industry experts from around the world for an exciting 2-day experience in Europa-Park in Southern Germany.

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