Annual Award Show / EUROPA PARK, GERMANY

The leading European award in immersive entertainment.

1-2 DECEMBER 2022


One magical location. Two days of powerful talks. 10 excellent projects. The fifth edition of the AUREA Award is here.

AUREA is the leading European award in VR, AR, XR, MR, and immersive entertainment. It's a global community of leaders at the intersection of immersive technology, a forum for creators to build the products of tomorrow, and a space for for innovators to interact, engage, and learn. We strive to highlight the latest trends, celebrate excellence, and kickstart collaboration. The event is presented by Europa-Park, whose industry-leading expertise offers attendees a chance to experience the latest entertainment.


NTR will be a unique blend of inspiring keynotes from industry thought leaders, broad knowledge sharing by experts on all aspects of XR technology and business models, as well as a bar camp style forum to discuss the impact of the metaverse on society, ethics, politics, and sustainability.

The integration of the AUREA Awards as part of the Metaverse Summit aims to facilitate the collaboration between innovators from the immersive entertainment industry and experts of the broader digital economy.

The 2-days expocon is meant to inspire, we want to learn and debate together as well as experience the metaverse.

We are ready to discuss the future of the metaverse and set out to enter this new land together.

5th annual AUREA AWARD

1-2 December 2022 Europa-Park

Highlights from our annual conference

Previous AUREA's

2018 Recap

The 1st edition of AUREA Award brought representatives of the VR and AR ecosystem together to shape the entertainment of the future and recognize its pioneers.

2019 Recap

With an aim to make AUREA Award bigger and better, the 2nd conference put community building in the VR and AR space at the forefront of its agenda.

2021 Recap

The 3rd AUREA Award was entirely virtual, honoring the best ideas, developments, and products from mixed realities in the entertainment sector.


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